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The cause of the Android mobile phone is slow when used to typing SMS, chatting, writing documents and others can be caused by several things, including:

1. Internal Memory Remaining who live a little
2. CPU usage is too heavy on background applications
3. There is an application that runs a burdensome system is not perfect.

Note: Applications Android running in the background or were standby actually will not burden the system or make a phone to be slow as long as these applications do not use a processor (CPU).

After knowing the cause, here are some ways to overcome a slow Android phones are used for typing.

First way:

All you can do is clean the cache of installed applications. To clear the cache can be done by installing the History Eraser, for example, artificial INFOLIFE LLC. Here’s how to use it:

1. Installing applications from the Android Market History Eraser

2. check writing “Clear All Apps Cache” (see picture below). You can also give a check mark in the other option if desired.

make the android keyboard not slow typing

tricks Android Keyboard3. Click the Clean Selected

Note: Pay attention to where you check. For example do not give a check on the SMS if you do not want to erase the stored SMS.

Second way:

The second is to uninstall applications that Android is not really necessary. Here are two advantages if you only install applications that really need it:

If not too many applications are installed, then the rest of the phone memory will be more and more. In general handhone Android is not the fullness of internal memory will work better or stable.
The fewer applications are installed, then the potential problems caused by the smaller applications.
Applications are made only for the beauty alone, for example live wallpaper, a launcher with 3D animation effects, font changer (change display font), etc. can cause extra work and mobile processor make Android phones to be slow. So if you want to quickly return your hp when used for typing, it is suggested that uninstalling these applications.

If you feel affection or not willing to uninstalling applications currently stored, then you need to remember phone becomes slow after installing what Android apps. If it is remembered, then you just simply uninstall the application and note whether it is used when typing is normal or not later.

For information, you can back up first before the uninstall application. So any time required, the application can be installed again. More information can read the article: How to Backup Android applications.

The third way:

A third way to make Android mobile phone is not slow when used for typing is by installing a keyboard alternative. This method is not always effective, but can try too. One of the keyboard alternative that’s worth a try is the “AItype Keyboard”. When you have tried using AItype Keyboard still too slow, try to install another keyboard and find the most “lightly” or responsive.

More information about this application can read the article: AI Type-Keyboard Alternative Android

The fourth way:

The fourth way is to install the Watchdog Task Manager application. With this application you can monitor any application that uses the CPU excessively. When there is an application that uses more than 20% CPU, while the application is not too important, then the application should be in the “kill” or turned off. More information about the Watchdog can be read on the article: “how to save battery life Android“.

So tips to overcome the slow keyboard Android-price offerings hp.com. When you know better tips or are there things you want to ask, please fill out the comment form below. Thank you


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