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Just Another Unlocker v2.4 Supported Modeles:
here is the first (very early beta) version of Just Another Unlocker by Harald kubovy-ooxtcoo (PM120 Repair Tool (new).

  • it supports at the moment ONLY the phones with hash: CAEEBB65D3C48E6DC73B49DC5063A2EE00000000

Programm check if hash is supported :

  • it is NOT a reshacked version of known programms
  • make always backups, because as i sayed it is a totaly unfinished programm, at the moment it is just a demo
  • USE ONLY UFS, JAF support is not finished…
  • pm308 backup reading need mutch time (dont know way i try to solve this)
  • but unlocking is realy fast (after reading pm308)
  • you need to right the unlocked pm fields genereated with this unlocker with any tool like jaf, mt box, ufs or any other…
  • direct unlocking is in work…
  • sx4 server is the nextalso other hashes is the next too..

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  2. staryus August 10, 2009

    Thanks @ Marilyne

  3. BongManChuff December 13, 2009

    whats password and login details, pretty useless without them.

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